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illustration of hands volunteeringVolunteering for Cape Cod Healthcare is your opportunity to be an integral part of our community health care team. Adult and student assignments support the medical, technical and administrative staff. Working together strengthens our commitment to provide quality health care for our patients.

Cape Cod Healthcare offers volunteer opportunities at the following:

Becoming a Volunteer at Cape Cod Hospital

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NOTE: Regarding CCH Summer 2019 Student Volunteer Program

We are currently working on final preparations for summer 2019; therefore, we are NOT able to take application requests for the student volunteer program at this time.

In order to be fair to the many students who inquire about our summer volunteer program all year long, we will ONLY begin to accept application requests for summer 2019 on FEBRUARY 20, 2019 until our quota is reached.  Students will need to return to our web site on or after February 20, 2019 and submit their request for an application at that time.

Thank You!

Becoming a Volunteer at Falmouth Hospital

Becoming a Volunteer at VNA 
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