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Cape Cod Healthcare believes that the arts are a vibrant part of Cape Cod’s communities offering learning, inspiration and nourishment for the spirit. The ability to comfort, console, and sustain is one of the most enduring qualities of the arts. In addition, art bridges the gap between the technologically-focused medical facility and the social and humanitarian values of the population it serves.

Ever since the early planning stages of the Mugar Building, the 120-bed inpatient addition to Cape Cod hospital, the idea of integrating artwork into Cape Cod Healthcare facilities became a priority. In 2006, Cape Cod Healthcare formalized its Gifts of Art Program, with the primary purpose of the program to serve and support patient healing. In an atmosphere where the patient often feels out of control, the arts can help. Over time, the program has evolved to serve multiple audiences, including patients, caregivers, visitors and staff.

As an organization, Cape Cod Healthcare has always been committed to supporting the Cape’s cultural community by continually investing in artworks by local artists. Today, Cape Cod Healthcare’s Gifts of Art Program includes an expansive permanent art collection, several rotating galleries, and artworks loaned by local artists, art collectors, galleries and museums. The permanent collection includes many pieces generously donated by artists and benefactors, as well as those purchased directly by Cape Cod Healthcare for specific capital projects, renovations and expansions.

To view some of our rotating galleries please visit our Facebook page. If you are interested in donating artwork, please contact Calle Gartside at 508-862-5600 or