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Find a da Vinci® Xi surgical specialist

Learn more about the physicians who perform robotic-assisted surgery utilizing the da Vinci® Xi surgical system:

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Cape Cod Healthcare offers the latest in minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci® Xi Surgical System, the newest generation in pioneering, robotic-assisted surgery technology.

How does da Vinci® Xi work?

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daVinci slideshow
daVinci Slideshow
daVinci Slideshow

During a procedure, a surgeon with special training makes a few small incisions, similar to laparoscopic surgery, and inserts the robot’s interactive arms which are positioned next to the patient. From a control console in the operating room, the surgeon is then able to guide the mechanical arms which serve as extensions of the surgeon’s hands, equipped with miniaturized surgical instruments and cameras which the surgeon maneuvers within the surgical site with enhanced visualization and precision. With a 3D magnified view of the area, the surgeon controls the robotic hands with detailed dexterity beyond the natural ability and range of motion of the human hand, translating every skilled hand movement a surgeon makes in real-time.

da Vinci® Xi allows the surgeon to navigate hard-to-reach areas with less disturbance to surrounding tissue than traditional techniques, especially for delicate or complex procedures. The use of advanced technologies like the da Vinci® Xi Surgical System is just one method of ensuring patients have a better overall experience when surgical treatment is recommended and provides another surgical option for many patients on Cape Cod.

What are the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery?

Robotic-Assisted Surgery has delivered outstanding outcomes for patients due to:

  • Smaller incisions and scarring
  • Less pain and blood loss
  • Fewer complications
  • Lower risk of wound infection
  • Shorter potential hospital stays
  • Faster recovery and return to regular activities

da Vinci® Xi procedures offered at Cape Cod Healthcare

Cape Cod Healthcare currently offers select robotic-assisted surgical procedures performed by our specialized surgeons, trained on the daVinci XI surgical system.

Thoracic Surgery

  • Lobectomy/Segmentectomy for lung cancer
  • Thymectomy
  • Esophageal surgery

General Surgery

  • Hernia repair

Urologic Surgery

  • Radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer
  • Simple prostatectomy for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

  • Radical and partial nephrectomy for kidney cancer

  • Cystectomy for bladder cancer

  • Pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction obstruction

Gynecologic Surgery

  • Hysterectomy
  • Pelvic organ prolapse surgery
  • Myomectomy
  • Endometriosis resection

Our clinical experts will walk you through your surgical care options to determine if robotic-assisted surgery is the best option for you.

Who is a potential candidate for Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

The decision to surgically treat a patient involves many considerations and should be discussed in detail with your clinical care team. While not every patient is an appropriate candidate for robotics or other types of minimally invasive surgical procedures, robotic-assisted surgery provides a safe alternative for certain surgical procedures utilizing leading-edge technology and physician expertise. Our Cape Cod Healthcare surgeons work closely with their patients in discussing options, helping to decide on the best treatment for them. Speak with your doctor about the benefits and risks associated with robotic-assisted surgery and how this treatment option compares with other types of minimally invasive or traditional open surgeries.

Questions to ask your clinical care team may include:

  • What are the differences between traditional open and robotic-assisted surgery?
    • Which option is best suited for my situation?
  • If I’m a candidate for robotic-assisted surgery, how can I prepare for it?

Learn more about preparing for surgery and what to expect for surgery recovery.

What should I expect if considering Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Your surgeon will talk with you about what options are available for your procedure. If robotic-assisted surgery is deemed the best option for you, your clinical care team will set your appointment and provide you with any pre-surgery information you need before your surgery date.

Questions to ask your clinical care team may include:

  • What type of at-home assistance will I need after my procedure?
  • What do I need to know about post-surgery pain/pain management?
  • How long before I can return to work or resume my usual activities?
  • When should I be seen for a follow-up appointment?