Learn More About Hospital Medicine

For help connecting with a Hospitalist, visit our online physician finder or call our Access Line at 877-CAPECOD.


Hospital-based physicians are board-certified/board-eligible physicians trained in Internal Medicine. At Cape Cod Healthcare, our hospitalist physicians are highly qualified, experienced specialists who focus on providing superior inpatient medical care.

What Benefits Can Hospitalists Offer a Patient?

By focusing his or her practice on the care of hospitalized patients, a hospitalist can gain a great deal of experience in the unique aspects of a patient's needs during their hospital stay.

Cape Cod Healthcare hospitalists are an extension of your primary care physician, not a replacement, and consult with your primary physician on aspects of your care. Your primary care physician will be notified when you have been admitted to the hospital and will communicate with the hospitalist team to allow them to provide you with the best care possible.

The hospitalist physician will:

  • Direct your care
  • Obtain consultations with subspecialist doctors when needed
  • Monitor test results and quickly respond to changes in your condition

Additionally your hospitalist will actively collaborate and discuss treatment options with you, be available to answer all of your questions, and act as a liaison by informing your primary care physician. Your hospitalist also has access to all Cape Cod Healthcare tests and records and any hospital stays you have experienced in the past.

24/7 Access to Hospitalist Care

Our hospitalist physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital. This “24 hour” coverage allows you and your family to communicate with a hospitalist physician at any time of day or night, and gives you the added comfort that your hospitalist team is always on hand to care for any problems that may arise.

Hospitalists work together as a team, which includes physicians and nurse practitioners. This approach allows a dynamic rounding process in how our hospitalists see and care for patients, allowing them to solve problems and interpret testing throughout the day and not just with “morning rounds.”

This team approach helps to provide safe, efficient, and compassionate care to all patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specialized Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Healthcare is proud to partner with Boston’s Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center to provide around-the-clock inpatient pediatric care for children on Cape Cod. At Cape Cod Healthcare, faculty from Floating Hospital serve as pediatric hospitalists, who are specially trained in the management of pediatric patients while they are in the hospital.

The role of a pediatric hospitalist includes:

  • Providing specialized in caring for hospitalized infants, children, and adolescents
  • Supervising and coordinating all areas of your child's treatment during his or her stay
  • Consulting in the Emergency Rooms on pediatric patients

How Does a Pediatric Hospitalist Program Benefit My Child?

In general, having a pediatric hospitalist on staff results in more one on one attention, shorter lengths of stay for your child, and better outcomes.

Additionally, because of our relationships with pediatric specialists in Boston our hospitalist team is able to collaborate with a large network of physicians to assist us in specialized care and answer any questions we may have at any time. If your child already has a specialist in Boston, we often discuss your case with them to obtain their guidance and advice throughout your child's stay.

What Happens at Discharge?

We will discuss discharge goals and plans early during your child's hospital stay. Discharge plans for pediatric patients consist of:

  • Ongoing and prompt communication regarding the discharge timeline so that you have the resources needed to plan your child's return home
  • When your child is ready for discharge, we will provide you with all prescriptions for the medicines your child needs to take home
  • You should arrange to see your Primary Care Provider and any other specialists in the recommended time for follow up care
  • A discharge summary will be sent to your child's Primary Care Provider