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Published on February 22, 2016

Seven handy tips for winter skin care

Seven handy tips for winter skin care

If you want to applaud because winter is nearing its end, do so carefully. Your hands may have taken a beating in the last few chilly months.

“Winter can be challenging because as soon as the heat goes on, our skin starts to dry,” said Jean Neves of Cape Cod Skin Care in Cotuit. Neves has been a licensed esthetician since 1995.

“Dryness hurts the protective barrier and the skin is less able to heal itself,” Neves said. People get cracks in the skin. The older you are, the less oil you have in your skin. In particular, post-menopausal women start to lose the oil in their skin, she said”

“The cold temperature and the dry air cause a lot of dehydration in the skin and that’s the number one thing we fight against in the winter,” said Elma Baron, MD, a dermatologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, in a recent press release.

Neves said forced hot-water heating systems are more forgiving to the skin, but changing furnaces is probably more than you want to take on. There are plenty of simple ways you can take to protect your skin in cold weather. For example, Neves suggested using a humidifier in your bedroom.

The University Hospitals Case Medical Center shared seven skin tips for winter, and Neves and Baron commented on them.

  • Avoid high temperature water when washing. “Taking super hot baths will further dehydrate the skin,” said Neves.
  • Moisturize from the inside by keeping hydrated with water. “Drinking water is always good,” said Neves.
  • Moisturize from the outside by lathering on moisturizer after shower or bath. “Layer it on quickly, as soon as you get out of the shower,” said Dr. Baron.
  • Moisturize with thicker, creamier products. “We recommend products with a lactic acid lotion, which helps with moisturizing the skin,” said Neves. “For facial care, use a product with humectants in it.”
  • Reapply moisturizer frequently. “Lotion evaporates very quickly,” said Dr. Baron. Another reason to reapply moisturizers is if you use hand sanitizers. “The majority of them have an alcohol base, which can dry out the hands,” said Neves.
  • Cover exposed areas if outside.
  • Use sunscreen outside even if it’s cold out. “There’s a lot of reflection of UV rays off the snow,” said Dr. Baron.