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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is more common among men on Cape Cod than breast cancer is in women. Our fellowship-trained urology and oncology specialists are trained and experienced in the most effective treatments for prostate cancer patients and are dedicated to helping you regain optimum urologic function.

Through the CCHC Regional Cancer Network, you can get the latest diagnostics and treatments close to home, giving you more control over your care.

Screening for Prostate Cancer

In its early stages, prostate cancer has no obvious symptoms, so it’s important to be screened regularly, particularly if you are over 50. The two most common screening tests are a digital rectal exam and a blood test that measures the level of prostate specific antigen or PSA, which can be elevated in men with prostate cancer or who have other issues, such as an infection. If prostate cancer is suspected, your doctor may order further tests, such as imaging or a biopsy.

Your doctor and his or her team will coordinate care by medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and clinical research nurses. They provide comprehensive care for prostate cancer patients, from surgery and radiation treatments to pathology analysis and active surveillance of PSA levels.

In prostate cancer care, we employ the latest tools for diagnosis and treatment. Cape Cod Healthcare’s Multi-parametric Prostate MRI imaging and the UroNav Fusion Prostate Biopsy System [pdf], enable physicians to find and test lesions in the prostate with unparalleled accuracy.

How Prostate Cancer is Treated

Your options depend on the specific characteristics of your cancer and your age and health. Our team of specialists will evaluate the best options and discuss them with you, conferring with experts from partner hospitals, such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Treatment may include:

Radiation therapy can involve external radiation (outside the body) and brachytherapy [pdf] (an internal method that delivers a high dose of radiation to the tumor while sparing normal surrounding tissue). Cape Cod Healthcare radiation oncologist Basia McAnaw, MD, is a pioneer in successfully using brachytherapy [pdf] to treat prostate cancer and other cancers.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

If surgery (prostatectomy) is the chosen treatment path, you may be a candidate for robotic surgery using the da Vinci® Surgical System. Robotic surgery uses smaller incisions than traditional methods, typically resulting in less pain and faster recovery times.

Support Services

Cape Cod Healthcare offers a full range of support services for cancer patients and their families, including counseling, education, financial and insurance information, and networking.

Learn More

Find more information about prostate health from the American Cancer Society.