In crisis? Call 9-1-1 for a Behavioral Health emergency

Mental Health Help is available 24/7

Emergency phone consultations are available 24 hours a day for patients in the midst of a psychiatric crisis or emergency seven days a week by calling 800-513-4728.

Behavioral Health

If you or a loved one is struggling to maintain good mental health, we can help.

Cape Cod Healthcare’s Behavioral Health professionals are committed to treating the mental health needs of our community and strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care using approaches designed to be flexible, client-centered, family-focused and culturally responsive.

We provide 24-hour mental health assessments and provide personalized treatment plans to assist you or your loved one on the road to recovering mental health, both by appointment and through emergency care. Our mission is to help our patients achieve treatment goals in the least restrictive setting possible.

Mental Health Services

Our services and referrals span a comprehensive array of services, including:

Our behavioral health services begin with a treatment plan based on a careful evaluation of your specific needs. We'll work with you, your family and your doctors to find the right treatment for you — from twice-monthly therapy appointments to an in-hospital program, or something in between.

Access to Care

Our primary concern is your wellbeing and treatment. When we evaluate a patient, we carefully determine the services best suited to the needs of that patient. Our goal is to provide your care locally whenever possible, but we weigh access to services close to home against a patient’s immediate needs. If we don’t have the services you need on-site, we will work with partner agencies to find the appropriate level of care for you.

Your personalized treatment plan includes the resources of a robust healthcare system, providing access to a complete continuum of care for all your medical needs.

Isn’t it time you talked to someone?

Talk to your primary care physician about your concerns. If you are experiencing a psychiatric crisis, go to your nearest emergency room or call our Psychiatric Assessment Team at 800-513-4728 and speak with one of our trained professionals.

We are here for you, 24 hours a day. Pick up the phone. Make a difference for yourself and your family.