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Find a Primary Care Physician

For help finding a Primary Care Physician (PCP), visit our online physician finder or call our Access Line at 877-CAPECOD.


Primary Care

A Primary Care Physician (PCP) plays a critical role in the healthcare of you and your family. Our expert physicians are board-certified in either internal medicine or family medicine, and offer a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. Together with an experienced and compassionate group of physician assistants and nurse practitioners, they form our practice’s team of providers, coordinating care and treatment backed by the full resources and technology of the Cape Cod Healthcare system.

Shared Medical Appointments

We offer Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), a type of group visit which effectively blends the power of peer support with personalized medicine. Patients managing a chronic disease, such as diabetes, obesity, or coronary artery disease, are able to have several medical and educational needs met in an appointment together, optimizing both Provider and Patient time. According to an article in the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Spectrum, “research suggests that SMAs can be effective in improving knowledge, quality of life, and problem-solving skills in patients with diabetes”. Nutrition and other aspects of lifestyle education are important components of these confidential visits, as is the support system and motivation that develops with other Patients.

SMA appointments are facilitated by Dr. Kumara Sidhartha and Carol Penfield, MS, NPc, ABLM, a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, and members of our nursing staff, at our 495 Station Avenue, South Yarmouth conference space. Additionally, Dr. Miguel Prieto conducts SMA appointments at our Bourne office, located at 1 Trowbridge Road.

To learn more about eligibility for the SMA program, please speak with your provider.

Population Health

We have a dedicated Transition of Care team responsible for coordinating patient care across different healthcare settings, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other rehabilitation facilities. Patients can be assured that their Primary Care Physician (PCP) is notified by Cape Cod Healthcare when they have been hospitalized. Preventing avoidable readmission to the hospital requires a collaborative team approach. The transitional team works with the patient, the PCP, specialists and hospital systems to promote safer, more effective care.

To aid in the safe transition home, all patients are encouraged to see their PCP within 48 hours of a hospital discharge.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is a relatively new medical specialty, which addresses healthy behaviors that can improve health and uses proven strategies to sustain them. In fact, many diseases can be prevented or even reversed with proper nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and sleep quality.

Carol Penfield, MS, NPc, ABLM, is a nurse practitioner who specializes in Lifestyle Medicine and is board-certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. In her practice, Carol provides an initial functional exam, medical review, and evaluation of lifestyle changes and needs specific to the individual. A treatment plan that includes strategies for disease prevention and non-pharmacological management will be developed and outcome markers established. The patient will then continue with episodic visits or enroll in a Lifestyle Medicine Shared Medical Appointment every two weeks.

Your Primary Care Physician at Emerald Physicians can make a referral for a Lifestyle Medicine appointment with Carol Penfield, MS, NPc, ABLM and a scheduling coordinator will set up a convenient time for you.

Integrative Medicine

The practice of Integrative Medicine provides a patient-provider “work space” for healing, working in partnership with and for the patient, through the lens of holism and interconnectedness. Integrative Health Care relies on tools from all modalities, using conventional Western medical thought and bridging it with complementary/holistic healing wisdom. It sees the patient as a whole person, body, mind and spirit, in the context of their community and environment and life experiences. Beth McGarry Sheehan, MSN, FNP-BC, one of our nurse practitioners, has a special interest in Integrative Health, which requires careful listening to a patient’s experience and intuition to uncover the root causes of dis-ease and build solutions toward change where desired. The value of all appropriate modalities are considered for each patient, drawing from the healing tools that bring the most harmony to a person’s wellness.

Your Primary Care Physician at Emerald Physicians can make a referral for an Integrative Health appointment with Beth Sheehan, MSN, FNP-BC, and a scheduling coordinator will set up a convenient time for you.

Women’s Health

It is important that women understand their bodies, how to perpetuate good health, and how to identify the risks that lead to diminished health and well-being. At an Annual Well Woman visit, with one of Emerald’s skilled physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, women are given the time to discuss their unique and specific health needs.

We review many areas of women’s health including:

  • Screening for cancer of the breast, colon, cervix (Pap Smear) and other
  • gynecological cancers
  • Symptom management in menopause and peri-menopause
  • Hormone replacement
  • Sexual health
  • Birth control
  • STI treatment and prevention
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common vaginal infections
  • Urinary tract health
  • Bone health
  • Fertility counseling
  • Hormone testing

At Emerald we take the time to listen to women’s health needs, answer their questions, and empower them to live healthy lives.


Benefits of choosing Emerald’s state-of-the-art in-house laboratory:

  • Same-day results reviewed by our providers. Abnormal results flagged and addressed daily
  • STAT labs can be drawn at the time of your office visit if necessary
  • Your provider can monitor trends based on your lab history
  • A cumulative lab report can be given to you at each office visit
  • Results can be sent electronically to specialists
  • Friendly and professional certified phlebotomists

Learn more about your test results at


Select dermatology services are offered as part of our comprehensive patient care. Dr. Julie Craig-Muller, Dr. Mahmood Rana, and Dr. John Shackelford, as well as a few of our nurse practitioners, have a special clinical interest in dermatology and perform the following procedures for the convenience of our Emerald patients:

  • Cryogenic treatment with liquid nitrogen for plain and plantar warts, and actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous skin lesions)
  • Punch biopsies for skin lesions
  • Shave biopsies for skin lesions

A dermatology visit may be focused on a specific skin condition or lesion. Patients with newly diagnosed skin cancer will be referred to a dermatologist and/or a surgeon for follow up treatment or monitoring. If there is a history of skin cancer, it is recommended that you be followed by a dermatologist.

Your Primary Care Physician at Emerald Physicians can make a referral for in-house dermatology services. A scheduling coordinator will set up a convenient appointment time for you.

Joint Injections

At Emerald Physicians, we offer our patients the in-house convenience of joint injections, including those for hip bursitis and rotator cuff injuries, as part of our comprehensive patient care. Dr. Julie Craig-Muller, Dr. Peter Crosson, and Dr. Mahmood Rana have a special clinical interest in this musculoskeletal treatment.

Your Primary Care Physician at Emerald Physicians can make a referral for an in-house joint injection. A scheduling coordinator will set up a convenient appointment time for you.

Preventive Medicine Resources

The Importance of Physicals

The annual comprehensive physical exam has many benefits, the most important of which is the early detection of disease, including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These illnesses can be present for years before they cause any symptoms, so early detection is important. We recommend a physical exam, even when you’re feeling healthy, to prevent disease and to develop an ongoing relationship with your provider.

What you should expect from your Annual Comprehensive Physical Exam

For an adult, the annual physical exam will include a review of your current medications and a discussion about your family and social history. Your medical history will also be reviewed, including previous diagnosis, surgical history, hospitalizations, immunizations, and allergies to medications. At every annual physical exam, your provider will review all body systems as well as perform a complete examination of these systems. The physical exam should be preceded by a comprehensive blood analysis to assess liver, kidney and thyroid function and to check for diabetes, high cholesterol and anemia, among other disorders. This is the time to review your prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs and other supplements you are currently taking. We ask that a list of current medications, questions, and concerns is brought to this appointment, so that it can be discussed with your provider.

Helpful Resources