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Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
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Published on April 09, 2014

Lower-Dose CT Now Available at CCHC

Cape Cod Healthcare is pleased to announce that it has recently installed new, lower-dose CT units at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital, offering patients tailored radiation dosages with the same high-quality images.

Five General Electric Optima® CT660 units with ASiR® low-dose technology were installed at the hospitals this spring. Three are located at Cape Cod Hospital and two units are located at Falmouth Hospital. The new units feature: 

  • ASiR low-dose technology
  • High resolution images
  • Optimized dose levels
  • Sub-millimeter slice thickness
  • Shorter breath holds for patients
  • An experience designed for patient comfort

CT, which is an abbreviation for “computed tomography,” combines X-rays and computers. Computer-processed X-rays produce tomographic images (virtual ‘slices’) of specific areas of the scanned body part. Digital geometry processing is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the inside of the body. Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to lower the dose of radiation during CT scans without compromising the quality of the image. The new Optima CT660 units at CCH and FH are examples of this new technology.


Optima CT660’s ASiR software enables the radiologist to reduce the CT radiation dosage depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. Cape Cod Healthcare radiologists work with patients to determine the appropriate dosage necessary to obtain image quality for a particular task.

“Patients today are taking a greater interest in their health and their healthcare, which is a good thing for our community as well as the strength of our healthcare system,” said Michael K. Lauf, President and CEO of Cape Cod Healthcare. “We are sensitive to the needs and requests of our patients, and we try to respond by providing new, safer technologies whenever possible. Patients will be comforted to know that the CT experience at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital is more comfortable and safer, with the same high-quality results that we have provided in the past.”

CT exams can save lives and improve diagnoses for many conditions. They are performed when people are ill or injured, or when a doctor suspects a medical problem that cannot be detected easily with a routine physical examination. CT is also used to rapidly obtain specific diagnostic information that hasn’t been provided by other imaging technologies, such as ultrasound, traditional X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Along with the new CT units, Cape Cod Hospital recently initiated 24-hour access to ultrasound services in the Emergency Center. Patients whose conditions doctors determine can be easily diagnosed with ultrasound, will now have the technology available no matter what time of the day or night they arrive.

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