Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan

CCHC’s mission is to coordinate and deliver the highest quality, accessible health services, which enhance the health of all Cape Cod residents and visitors. Through a robust continuum of hospital-based programs and community benefits activities, CCHC invested more than $25 million in FY2017 in regional community health initiatives. 

CCHC regularly conducts community health needs assessments to identify the significant health needs in Barnstable County and integrates findings into community benefit and hospital planning activities. Cape Cod Hospital (CCH) and Falmouth Hospital (FH) share the service area of Barnstable County and therefore jointly conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment.

Guidelines established by the Massachusetts Attorney General and Internal Revenue Service requirements included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provide a framework to conduct health needs assessments and develop implementation strategies. These strategies guide how the hospitals, in collaboration with other regional health and social service providers, will address the significant health needs of Barnstable County residents.

The purpose of the community health needs assessment is to:

  1. Identify regional health needs through analysis of local, state and national health indicator data,
  2. Engage and foster dialogue amongst hospital stakeholders including consumers, community members, public health experts, and health and human service providers that serve vulnerable, disadvantaged and medically underserved residents,
  3. Select significant health issues and identify implementation strategies based on the frequency, size, scope, and magnitude of the issues and the hospital and community resources available to address the issues,
  4. Facilitate the development of multi-year implementation strategies to guide hospital community health initiatives and community investments to improve health, and 
  5. Promote partnerships between the hospitals and community organizations.

The FY2014–FY2016 Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan was released in September of 2013. The report served as an important guidepost for the FY2017-FY2019 Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Report released in September of 2016.