Cape Cod Hospital Named a 2014 Healthstrong™ Hospital

Cape Cod Hospital was named to the iVantage Health Analytics 2014 Healthstrong™ Hospitals list. The list highlights the 547 top performing hospitals in the U.S that were rated as part of iVantage’s Hospital Strength Index™. It is the first time the list has ever been released.

The Hospital Strength Index is the industry’s most comprehensive rating system of hospitals. The results recognize the top performing hospitals, measuring them across 66 different performance metrics, including quality, outcomes, patient perspective, affordability and efficiency. The iVantage analysts who compiled the list noted that if all hospitals performed at the median of Healthstrong Hospitals like Cape Cod Hospital:

  • $14 billion in Medicare savings could be realized,
  • $52 billion in savings from all healthcare payers could be realized,
  • A 4.4% improvement in patient safety indicators and events could be realized,
  • Nearly four million years of potential life lost would be saved, and
  • Over a half trillion dollars could be added to U.S. Gross Domestic Product.