CCHC Named Top 10 Health Systems of 2011

The study – the Thomson Reuters Top 10 Health Systems 2011 – was conducted by Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s leading health care information organizations. This annual, quantitative study is based solely on objective, quantitative performance data, independent research and public data sources. This year’s study examined 285 organizations – almost every U.S. health care system with two or more acute care member hospitals.

“It’s a tremendous accomplishment,” said Michael Lauf, CCHC’s President and CEO. “Our goal over the past three years has been to build one of the best health care systems in the United States. We are delighted that we are now recognized throughout the country as one of the top systems in the nation. Our physicians, nurses and other health care professionals work very hard every day to produce the highest levels of patient satisfaction and top-quality care. Through this award, their efforts will be noted and acclaimed from coast to coast.”

The study measures clinical quality and efficiency, using objective statistical analysis and publicly available data in categories such as patient complications and patient safety errors. Key performance measures include:

  • Risk-adjusted mortality index
  • Risk-adjusted complications index
  • Risk-adjusted patient safety index
  • Core measures mean percent
  • 30-day risk-adjusted mortality rate
  • 30-day risk-adjusted readmission rate
  • Severity-adjusted average length of stay
  • HCAHPS score (patient rating of overall hospital performance)

Winners of the Top 10 Health Systems awards:

  • Saved more lives with fewer complications
  • Followed industry-recommended standards of care more closely
  • Made fewer patient safety errors
  • Released patients half-a-day sooner
  • Scored better on overall patient satisfaction surveys

The awards are reported in Modern Healthcare magazine, one of the nation’s most respected health journals.