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Lung Cancer

Our latest and proven diagnostic tools, including imaging tests and biopsies, help determine the type of cancer and its stage. Treatment is based on the diagnosis, and some tumors can be surgically removed, while others require chemotherapy, radiation or a combination of modalities.

All of our lung cancer patients receive a tailored approach to their treatment. Through our unique Thoracic Oncology Clinic, we approach lung cancer with an interdisciplinary view that you don’t usually see at community hospitals. The clinic is a gathering of a cross-section of health care providers – from surgeons to social workers – who discuss lung and esophageal cases. Patients’ diseases and possible treatments are discussed and reviewed among six specialties.

The chairman of the Oncology Clinic, Thoracic Surgeon Jeffrey Spillane, MD, is skilled in all types of thoracic surgery, including minimally invasive procedures like the Video-Assisted Thoracic Lobectomy. A Lobectomy is performed after confirmation of a cancerous tumor to make sure any cancer cells that are in the lung are removed.