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Total Joint Center

Joint Approach

Cape Cod Healthcare has a comprehensive, system-wide approach to Orthopedic care. The CCHC Total Joint Center is comprised of Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital and offers patients an integrated, standardized approach to care.

The Total Joint Center at each hospital features a team of highly-skilled surgeons, dedicated nurses, therapists and technicians. The team develops individualized Care Maps specifically designed to achieve the best outcomes for all Total Joint Replacement patients, as well as other orthopedic patients.

Benefits of Total Joint Replacement

Orthopedic surgeons at Falmouth Hospital and Cape Cod Hospital offer a vast array of total joint replacement surgeries, including procedures on hips, shoulders, knees and ankles. By using minimally invasive techniques and newer versions of prosthetic implants, doctors are able to reduce recovery times and get better, longer-lasting results that make movement pain-free for patients.

Advanced Orthopedic Care

Cape Cod Hospital’s Total Joint Center offers a multi-disciplinary approach to orthopedic care and treatment.

  • Our talented orthopedic surgeons are all board-certified and have trained at some of the best medical schools in the U.S.
  • Our nurses are specifically trained in orthopedics, and many have Orthopedic Nurse Certification (ONC) credentials.
  • The technology we use has evolved and techniques have been refined, resulting in smaller incisions, less pain and faster recovery times.
  • Patients receive individualized Care Maps, or Clinical Pathways, designed by their physician that include specialized nursing care, inpatient rehabilitation and promote family involvement.
  • You will recover in large, well-designed, attractive private rooms. Each room features telemetry for patient monitoring and hydraulic lifts to help you move safety during your recovery.