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VNA of Cape Cod: 800-631-3900

Outpatient Infusion
Cape Cod Hospital: 
 or 1-508-862-0526 fax

The IV Therapy Infusion Area provides service to patients that are in need of  medication or blood products administered intravenously or by injection.Your physician has recommended we provide you with a specific treatment for your medical condition.

The IV Team would like to provide you with some helpful hints:

  • To schedule, or reschedule an appointment please contact:

Central Scheduling: 1-508-957-8600
  • If you must cancel your appointment please call the IV Infusion Area. It is important. We can utilize your time slot for another patient.

IV Infusion Area: 1-508-862-5166


There are 4 “IV Patient Parking Spaces” in the main parking lot of Cape Cod Hospital, please feel free to park in one of the these spaces.

Valet Parking: This service is free and is located by the main entrance. Tipping is not required.

Directions to IV Therapy Infusion Area 

Enter the Main Lobby go to the Information Desk request a direction card.  Take the elevator to 2nd floor, turn right off elevator, follow the corridor through two sets of double doors to Alying 2 nurses station, take left. There will be a door labeled Pain Center push the silver plate, door opens automatically. Go through this door then past the Pain Center Reception Desk continue to end of hall to the Infusion Area.

Wheelchair:  It is a distance from the lobby to the Infusion Area. Please go to the Information Desk request a wheelchair and a volunteer to transport you.

Appointment Time

Please arrive on time for your appointment. There are a limited number of chairs and we need to remain on schedule in order to treat all patients promptly. We realize emergencies arise and may cause delays. We ask you not to schedule other appointments too close to your treatment time


Please bring a list of medication you are currently taking to all of your IV Therapy appointments.


Cookies, crackers coffee juice and soda are available for patients. If your treatment is 3 or more hours a lunch will be provided. Lunch is a sandwich, carrots, fruit and cookies. You may bring your own lunch.

Blood Transfusions 

Patients who are receiving blood, please eat breakfast and take your medications as usual. Each unit of blood takes 2 hours. Please feel free to bring a book or other reading material.

Non Staff Physicians

If the physician ordering your treatment is not on staff at Cape Cod Hospital we will be happy to care for you. Please request your physician to fax the information below to the IV Infusion Are or obtain the information from your doctor and bring it to the IV Infusion Area on the day of your first visit. A Cape Cod Hospital Hospitalist (MD) will need to co-sign the orders and will need the following information:

  • History and Physical
  • Diagnosis
  • Order for medication drug amount and frequency
  • Pertinent lab results
  • Orders must be renewed every 3 months, fax 1-508-862-0526

The Infusion

You will be asked your name and date of birth. A bracelet with your name and date of birth will be put on your wrist.

The nurse will insert a needle into a vein in your hand or arm, This is known as an IV. This is necessary to have access to infuse medication or blood.

The IV Team is comprised of registered nurses with special education and training in Infusion Therapy. They are committed to patient safety, quality care and customer service. Please let the nurses know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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