Sound wave diagnostics

Ultrasound is a medical exam that uses high frequency sound waves to produce a digital image. It enables your physician to diagnose a wide range of conditions and diseases without the use of radiation.

Ultrasound exams are usually performed in a darkened room by a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Depending upon the area of the body to be examined, you may be asked to change into a hospital gown and are then asked to lie on a cushioned table. A water-soluble warm gel is applied to the area to be examined and an ultrasound wand is rubbed gently over the area. The ultrasound images are stored in the Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS). A radiologist interprets the images taken by the sonographer. The report is then sent to your physician.

The Cape Cod Hospital Ultrasound Department is voluntarily accredited by the American College of Radiology. It has maintained this high standard since 1995.

Cape Cod Healthcare provides ultrasound services at Cape Cod Hospital, Seifer Women's Health and Imaging Center, Cuda Women's Health Center, Community Health Center of Cape Cod in Mashpee, and at Fontaine Medical Center in Harwich.

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