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Advantages of Family Centered Care

Family Centered Maternity Care is provided by a hospital team that assists the family in making informed choices about their labor, delivery and postpartum care. The team strives to give the family the experience they desire. We support the father and/or other supportive persons of the mother’s choice and their active involvement in the birth process. Mothers are encouraged to keep their babies in their rooms at all times through our “rooming in” service.


  • Provides an environment for the parents to learn about their baby’s responses and sleep-wake cycles
  • Special moments are not missed – when babies spend most of their time in a nursery, their early facial expressions and first coos are often missed
  • Provides individualized, one-on-one attention
  • Provides immediate educational opportunities and teachable moments

The Care

The family is treated as a unit and the baby remains with the family, in the room, provided there are no complications. The mother-baby nurse is therefore able to closely observe newborns without separating them from their parents. Our Certified Lactation Consultant, Heather Lakatos, offers support to mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies. Pediatric Hospitalists are on duty at the hospital around the clock to respond to any concern. Your partner – spouse, parent, grandparent, other relative or friend – can stay as long as necessary and learn as much as he or she wants to learn about taking good care of the baby.


  • Better communication – because there is one nurse on each shift for both mother and baby, communication is consistent; questions are answered more efficiently
  • Obstetrician, pediatrician and midwife all work with the same nurse, rather than one nurse for the mother and one for the baby
  • Increases educational opportunities