Heart Disease Risks for Women

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Recovery after surgery.

Patients who have had a heart attack often need some extra assistance getting back on their feet. All patients experience their own path back to wellness and some continue to need help from medical professionals after surgery.

Today, patients get that extra help through Cape Cod Healthcare's 12-week cardiovascular rehab program. Participants in the program usually double their exercise capabilities and often end up at higher level of performance than they had prior to surgery.

Under the watchful eyes of Cardiologists and Nurses, program participants walk on treadmills, ride stationary bikes and lift weights three times a week. In education classes, they learn about medications, stress management and warning signs of future heart trouble. They talk about food choices with a nutritionist and meet with a psychologist in case of depression or anxiety. Throughout their rehab, their heart is monitored for irregularities.

Health care professionals not only provide a sympathetic ear for these patients, but teach strategies and skills, such as visualization, to help them better care for their bodies and their minds. Both must be healthy before recovery can be complete.

In the end, patients are often amazed at their progress. About 95 percent of our cardiac rehab participants say it was a lifestyle changing experience.

Locations for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab is offered at Falmouth Hospital. The Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod also has extensive experience in helping patients who are returning home after cardiac surgery.