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Where is Cape Cod?

map of cape cod in location to citiesAll the beauty and relaxation of the Cape, with all the convenience of a city nearby!

Approximate Travel Time From Cape Cod

Albany, NY 228 miles 4 hrs Directions
Atlanta, GA 1143 miles 19 hrs Directions
Boston, MA 76 miles 1.5 hrs Directions
Hartford, CT 166 miles 3 hrs Directions
New Bedford, MA 53 miles 1 hr Directions
New York City 261 miles 5 hrs Directions
Newport, RI 73 miles 1.5 hrs Directions
Philadelphia, PA 350 miles 6.5 hrs Directions
Plymouth, MA 36 miles .5 hr Directions
Providence, RI 80 miles 1.5 hrs Directions
Springfield, MA 149 miles 3 hrs Directions
Washington, DC 480 miles 8.5 hrs Directions

Source: Cape Cod Meeting & Event Planners Guide

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