Making peace of mind part of your healthcare experience. 

people on beach holding handsOur vision for Lightkeepers is to build enduring relationships with our most loyal supporters by combining the quality medical care delivered by Cape Cod Healthcare with a high-touch personal experience. Whether it is helping you access a physician or offering support and guidance during an emergency situation, we believe that peace of mind should be part of your healthcare experience with us.

The Lightkeepers program is your opportunity to be among Cape Cod Healthcare's most dedicated benefactors and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are focused on you and your individual healthcare experience with us.

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What can your personal Lightkeeper Liaison do for you

Your personal Lightkeeper Liaison is available 24/7 to help you navigate our health system, as well as address your individual healthcare needs including:

  • Help facilitate access to the best possible healthcare
  • Offer assistance during an emergency situation
  • Arrange and schedule both routine and emergency appointments, when possible
  • Recommend a physician or specialist and help coordinate appointments
  • Advocate on your behalf with healthcare personnel, if needed
  • Assist with the scheduling of special tests, treatments, health screenings, and annual flu vaccines
  • Coordinate your healthcare needs with other providers when traveling between primary and seasonal residences
  • Arrange for a private room if admission is required (based on availability)
  • Coordinate outpatient services or in-home private care after hospital discharge

Meet our Lightkeeper Liaisons

From physician and specialist recommendations to helping you navigate our health system, the Lightkeeper’s Society Liaison will make every effort to accommodate your healthcare needs. This includes providing you with personal assistance during an emergency situation. Should you or an immediate family member require medical attention, the Liaison will meet you and your family in the emergency departments of Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital, offering support and guidance, as well as advocate on your behalf with hospital personnel, if needed.

Deanne MarajDeanne Maraj
Cape Cod Hospital



Patty PealPatty Peal
Falmouth Hospital