Grateful Giving: McGraw Family

McGraw familyONE OF MARJORIE MCGRAW’S FIRST EXPERIENCES at Cape Cod Hospital was very scary. About 10 years ago, she and her husband, John, were hosting a dinner party. Their daughter Lee, who recently had surgery at a hospital off-Cape, was not feeling well. During the dinner party, Marjorie went to check on Lee. “I touched her and almost burned my hand,” Marjorie remembered. A doctor at the party came to look at Lee and told Marjorie, “Call 911 immediately.”

Terrified, they rushed to Cape Cod Hospital with Lee. There to greet the family was Deanne Maraj, Lightkeeper’s Society Liaison. Though Deanne is not responsible for a patient’s clinical care, she does take care of other important elements related to a hospital visit for Lightkeeper’s Society members.

“I help them navigate the system,” Deanne said. “I hold their hand and comfort them during what can be a scary time. It’s having a familiar face there with them.”

Lee received excellent clinical care and recovered fully from her scary ordeal. The combination of great patient care and Deanne’s companionship prompted the McGraw family to get involved with Cape Cod Hospital as philanthropists and fundraisers. They have contributed greatly over the past decade, including a transformational gift to support the Mugar Building construction. They also have most of their healthcare needs addressed at Cape Cod Hospital now. “When we first started coming to Cape Cod in 1952,” Marjorie said, “you didn’t go to Cape Cod Hospital with more than an ingrown toenail. Now, John even had his hip replaced there, and we are very involved. It all started with the way Deanne took care of everything that terrifying night."

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