Grateful Giving: Bob Thrasher

Bob ThrasherONE SUMMER DAY IN 2010, BOB THRASHER, former CEO of a large telecommunications company, started experiencing acute stroke symptoms, including numbness and slurred speech.

Bob assumed Cape Cod Hospital’s Emergency Department would be busy, with a long wait. He thought about delaying until he returned to Boston, but his wife was insistent.

Because of his symptoms, Bob did not wait - he was seen in the Emergency Department in four minutes, even though there were already more than 50 patients waiting there. Patty Cooksey, his primary nurse, and Craig Cornwall, M.D., Chief of Emergency Services, quickly assessed Bob and brought in Michael Markowski, D.O., Director of Stroke Services.

Their evaluation confirmed the acute stroke, and subsequent diagnostic testing revealed the cause as a carotid artery that was 99% blocked. Bob was at high risk for another stroke that could be debilitating and even life-threatening. Bob was admitted, and vascular surgeon, Stephen Brooks, M.D., repaired the blocked artery, preventing another stroke.

"It's wonderful that Bob and his wife paid attention to the signs of stroke," Dr. Markowski said. "His fast diagnosis, care, and surgery are why he walked out of the hospital without any residual symptoms."

Because of the great care he received, Bob made a donation to Cape Cod Hospital. "My care was first-rate," Bob says. "I am truly a grateful Cape Cod Hospital patient."

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