Cape Cod Healthcare's Emergency Centers

Now serving you and your community, Cape Cod Healthcare’s two new Emergency Centers are finally completed. These projects represent a significant investment by Cape Cod Healthcare and our community of donors who collectively contributed more than $28 million to the development and construction of these two new state-of-the-art facilities. We are grateful for their remarkable support and that of every member of our health system family who has helped make the Yawkey Emergency Center at Falmouth Hospital and the new Cape Cod Hospital Emergency Center possible.

These projects were one of the most significant investments in Cape Cod Healthcare's history. Each facility will enhance the delivery of healthcare across the Cape and advance leading edge emergency medicine in our community.

Superior Personalized Care

From the moment you arrive at either the Yawkey Emergency Center at Falmouth Hospital or the new Cape Cod Hospital Emergency Center, our new patient triage delivers a multidisciplinary team approach to minimize patient wait times and delays between arrival and discharge. Evaluation and treatment is determined by the individual medical needs of each patient - taking into account factors such as age, degree of acuity, and the level of service or specialty needed. Patients are treated in one of the three clinical units: the new Acute Care Unit to treat medical emergencies and trauma patients; Fast Track for patients presenting with non-critical emergencies; and the Observation or Specialty Care Unit for behavioral health patients or those needing additional monitoring or evaluation.

The fifty-two new private treatment rooms at Cape Cod Hospital and the thirty-three at Falmouth Hospital include specific isolation rooms to mitigate airborne infections and specialty care rooms designated for Orthopedics, OB/GYN, ENT and Bariatric services. Customized patient-friendly design features include enhanced comfort and space with additional seating areas for family members and visitors to remain in the room while care is being delivered; each treatment space is glass-enclosed to increase visibility between patients and staff; and the latest and most-innovative nurse call system and monitoring technology to improve communication between patient and clinician as well as increase patient surveillance.

Improving Care for Our Elder Patients

Both emergency centers introduce clinical initiatives to improve the delivery of care to our elder patients.


  • Physical and occupational therapy consults in the emergency center
  • Expanded patient/visitor "liaison" services
  • Patients over 55 years of age receive a follow-up phone call after discharge
  • Pharmacy technician coverage in the emergency centers to provide accurate medication reconciliation
  • Collaborative effort with hospitalists, admitting to facilitate "rapid admissions"

Additional features:

  • Handrails in the hallways, softer lighting, soothing room colors, over-sized clocks, blanket warmers and non-reflective flooring to reduce missteps
  • Appropriately scaled furniture to assist with standing up from a seated position
  • Patient beds and stretchers with thicker mattresses and multiple mobility solutions and control options

Rethinking the Human Connection

Both emergency centers feature the latest patient monitoring system, a breakthrough in mobility, patient surveillance, and data-access. This fully networked solution allows a single monitor to follow the patient during the entire care pathway to minimize undetected events. Real-time surveillance is continuous – both at the bedside and on transport within the hospital. At the same time, this innovative solution brings data to the point of need and opens the flow of patient information throughout the hospital and beyond to support time-critical decision making. Clinicians can save time without compromising patient safety or vital signs data capture.

Providing Comfort to our Patients and Visitors

The art collections at our two new emergency centers were specifically selected to promote healing in an aesthetically pleasing environment for patients, caregivers and employees. With a focus on local artists, pieces were carefully selected and placed for their healing potential and artistic quality.

Recognizing Your Support

Cape Cod Healthcare was able to build two new Emergency Centers because of the great support we received from the Boston-based Yawkey Foundations, the Lyndon Paul Lorusso Charitable Foundation, several million-dollar benefactors, the Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital Auxiliaries, local businesses and foundations, and you – our community. You invested in our vision to be the leading provider of emergency care services for the residents of and visitors to Cape Cod. You helped us build two state-of-the art emergency care facilities that will enhance the level of care for the more than 133,000 patients who walk through our doors annually. Your support has made a difference.

Case for Support

When an emergency happens, close proximity to a quality, state-of-the-art facility can make all of the difference.

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