Cape Cod Healthcare's Emergency Centers Campaign

We have made tremendous progress in the development and construction of our new emergency centers over the past year. When complete, these facilities will enhance the delivery of healthcare across the Cape and advance leading edge emergency medicine in our community. 

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Cape Cod Hospital

Cape Cod Hospitalconstruction in January 2015

At, 54,000 square feet, Cape Cod Hospital's new emergency center will be nearly double the size of the current department and will include a total of 72 patient care treatment rooms. The new Acute Care Unit includes 52 private treatment rooms and is divided into three contiguous areas, each with an advanced clinical station at its center. Forty-eight rooms arranged in adjacent four-room pods surround the three clinical stations, plus an additional four specialty care rooms designated for patients requiring emergency Orthopedics, ENT (ear, nose and throat), Bariatric and Trauma services.

Also located within the Acute Care Unit is the new Emergency Diagnostic Suite. Because the large majority of patients who come through the emergency department require some kind of imaging, having immediate access to these services is essential to providing the best possible care. The Emergency Diagnostic Suite will be equipped with the latest CT technology, X-ray and Ultrasound capabilities which will enable emergency department staff to more quickly diagnose a patient's injury or trauma.

The Fast Track Unit is an integral part of the emergency center, designed to facilitate the care for patients presenting with non-critical emergencies. This eleven-bed unit significantly helps to shorten the time patients spend in the emergency department by providing focused treatment quickly and efficiently in a comfortable more appropriate setting than the Acute Care Unit.

The new Specialty Care Unit, which opened in 2011, is conveniently located adjacent to the Acute Care and Fast Track Units. With dedicated equipment, supplies, and appropriate staffing, this nine-bed unit was designed to meet the specific needs of a growing number of patients with behavioral and mental-health conditions who need emergency services. Rooms not in use for behavioral health issues are available for patients who may require additional observation, diagnostic evaluation and/or treatment.

Cape Cod Hospital's New Emergency Center:

Falmouth Hospital

Falmouth Hospitalconstruction in January 2015

The size of Falmouth Hospital's emergency center will increase from 14,000 to 24,000 square feet and include a total of 40 patient care treatment rooms. The new Acute Care Unit is divided into two clinically flexible areas that will be able to accommodate changes in patient volumes throughout the year. Advanced clinical stations will be centrally located surrounded by 29 private treatment rooms, including specialty care and trauma rooms.

Located within the Acute Care Unit is the multi-functional Specialty Care Suite. With four private rooms and its own nursing station, this self-contained suite will be designated for behavioral health patients, or those requiring additional observation and evaluation.

The emergency center Fast Track Unit is an integral part of the department, designed to facilitate the care for patients presenting with non-critical emergencies. Caregivers in this seven-bed unit are focused on treating patients quickly and efficiently helping to reduce the length of time a patient spends in the emergency department. Falmouth Hospital’s expansion will include a new sub-waiting area for the Fast Track Unit.

Falmouth Hospital's New Emergency Center:

Emergency Center Naming Opportunities

Recognizing Your Support

When complete in 2015, the new Emergency Center at Falmouth Hospital will be named the Yawkey Emergency Center in honor of a generous $3 million grant from the Yawkey Foundation. The Yawkey Foundation was established by the late Tom and Jean Yawkey, who were known for their long-time ownership of the Boston Red Sox. The Yawkeys were committed throughout their lifetime to helping those in need.

A named space is a lasting gift that permanently recognizes your support of Cape Cod Healthcare with a plaque or appropriate signage. As part of Cape Cod Healthcare's Emergency Centers Campaign, we are pleased to offer a selection of naming opportunities at many levels of giving from $25,000 to several million dollars. To review available recognition, please select one of the following:

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When an emergency happens, close proximity to a quality, state-of-the-art facility can make all of the difference