CCH Parking Guideline

Patients Come First: New Parking Guidelines Start July 15

Cape Cod Hospital designated parking map

In order to provide the best service possible to our patients and their visitors, as well as to physicians, employees and volunteers, Cape Cod Hospital will begin a new parking initiative on July 15, 2013.

The new CCH plan requires all physicians and employees to register their vehicle(s) with the hospital Security Department, in order to obtain a new parking permit sticker. The new sticker must be displayed on the rear of all vehicles that will be parked on hospital grounds, beginning July 15. Volunteers are not required to register their vehicle(s) at this time.

You can download the new parking form here, and can also be obtained from Security in the Emergency Department, or at the main Security desk in the Mugar Lobby from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Physicians can also obtain the registration form and sticker from the Medical Staff Office. This form must be completed and turned in to Security, in order to obtain your sticker.

The CCH Parking Plan:

  • The hospital main parking lot, the lots adjacent to the Psych Center, Cape Cod Medical Center and the Mugar area lots are all reserved for patient, visitor and valet parking. In keeping with our current practice, however, these lots will remain available to our 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. employees.
  • Physician parking lots are gated and reserved for physicians only. Entry to these lots is electronic and activated by a valid CCH ID badge. These lots are located on the corner of Gleason Street and Park Street, and the corner of Park and Bayview Street (upper and lower).
  • All day shift and evening shift employees must park in the employee lot on Bayview Street.
  • Monday through Friday, the gated Bayview Street lot is for the use of volunteers and authorized employees only. However, it will remain available to all employees on weekends and holidays.
  • The lower lot behind the Psych Center will be designated for employees of the Psych Center, Cape Cod Medical Center and Gleason House. Official parking stickers are required. This arrangement may be revisited, if the shortage of patient and visitor spaces persists.
  • Violations may result in corrective action in accordance with the CCH Progressive Discipline and Corrective Action Policy.
  • Repeated refusal to obtain a parking sticker will also be considered a violation of this policy.
  • Thank you for helping to keep the patient first in all that we do at CCHC.

Parking Permit Form