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Family Birthplace at FH

family birthplace at Falmouth Hospital

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family birthplace at Falmouth Hospital

Family Birthplace

Family-Centered Birth Care

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Welcoming Life into the World

The Family Birthplace at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital has been bringing new life into the world for generations. We’re proud to provide the highest level of care possible for parents and their babies and work hard to ensure a safe and rewarding birth experience for everyone involved.

Taking Good Care of You & Your Baby

The family-centered birthplace at both hospitals features private, spacious labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites allowing you to remain in the same room throughout your stay.

Customized Birth Experience

Our obstetricians and midwives will work with you to accommodate and support any style of delivery you choose. Our goal is to help you have the birth experience you desire.

Unless there are birth complications, your baby will remain with you in your suite and you’ll receive personalized care for the whole family. Your partner is encouraged to stay as long as you like and join you in learning how to care for your new baby.

Advantages of family-centered care at CCHC include:

  • Environment conducive to parent-baby bonding
  • Immediate educational opportunities and teachable moments
  • Earlier establishment of biological feeding and sleeping rhythms according to baby’s needs
  • Greater opportunity for breastfeeding success
  • Increased self-confidence in caring for your new baby
  • Closer, more consistent communication with one nurse assigned to both mother and baby

Welcoming Birth Suites

Our comfortable, home-like birth suites vary slightly between hospitals but generally include:

  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Cable TV
  • Recliner and rocking chair
  • Optional bed for your partner
  • Security measures, including locked unit and baby tagging alert system to ensure your baby’s safety

Get more information on the accommodations and specific offerings at each hospital:

Family Birthplace at Cape Cod Hospital
Family Birthplace at Falmouth Hospital

Pregnancy Resources

Visit the Pregnancy & Birth Center in our online Health Library for in-depth information on pregnancy and birth.