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Anesthesiologists play a key role in the safety and well-being of patients before, during and after surgery. They administer anesthetics to control pain and sustain important physical functions during surgery, childbirth or other medical procedures.

You’ll find exceptional anesthesia care and the latest techniques for pain management at Cape Cod Healthcare. Our anesthesiologists are all board-certified physicians, with years of specialized training and experience. They’re actively involved in patient care from pre-op through recovery.

Word from the Anesthesiologist

"Before an operation, we’ll meet to explain our techniques and determine the approach best suited to the patient,” said Kenneth Scalera MD, anesthesiologist at Cape Cod Hospital. “We do everything possible to make patients comfortable, such as using headphones and music to calm them if we’re using a regional anesthetic.”

Continuous Pain Relief

Your anesthesiologist will identify the best technique and medication for you, your procedure and your overall well-being. Anesthetic options include:

  • General anesthesia – Puts the entire body to sleep to prevent pain and anxiety
  • Regional aesthesia – Blocks pain in a portion of the body without inducing sleep
  • Sedation – Places patients in a comfortable, sleepy and pain-free state

Our goal is your comfort and safety. We’re continually researching new drugs and techniques to provide you with the highest quality of anesthetic care.

Contact Us

For more information or for help finding a physician, call our Access Line at 877-CAPECOD or email us today.

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