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X-rays use a small dose of radiation to create pictures of the inside of the body.

How X-rays Help

X-rays are a painless way to obtain images of any part of the body. They're especially useful for looking at teeth and bones and are also used to:

  • Find an infection, such as pneumonia
  • Look for evidence of arthritis
  • Diagnose problems in the heart and large blood vessels
  • Detect fluid in the lungs
  • Find problems in the abdomen

Sometimes, X-rays are combined with contrast materials, such as a contrasting dye, to get a closer look at other organs or identify abnormalities.

At Cape Cod Healthcare, you can walk into one of our convenient locations for an X-ray, but will need a written doctor's order for the procedure.

Learn More About X-rays

Additional information about X-ray technology is available in our online Health Library or from RadiologyInfo.org.

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