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CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

A CT scan, often called a CAT scan, uses X-ray technology to take multiple views of the inside of the body. Compared to regular X-rays, CT scans take clearer and more detailed images of organs, bone, soft tissue, blood vessels and other parts of the body.

CT Scans Aid Diagnosis

CT units are equipped with a certain number of slice detectors. These detectors rotate and take pictures of the inside of your body. Medical professionals use computer systems to manipulate the pictures into three-dimensional detailed images, which results in a more accurate diagnosis or indication that further testing may be needed.

Close inspection of CT scans can detect conditions such as stroke, pneumonia, trauma as the result of an accident, fractures and tumors.

Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital each have new, lower-dose CT units, offering patients tailored radiation dosages with the same high-quality images. The General Electric Optima® CT 660 units feature:

  • ASiR® low-dose technology
  • High resolution images
  • Optimized dose levels
  • Sub-millimeter slice thickness
  • Shorther breath holds for patients

Learn More about CT Scans

Detailed information about CT scans is available in our online Health Library or from RadiologyInfo.org.


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