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What are the risks to InterStim Therapy?

“Every surgical procedure, even one as minimally invasive as this, has risks. We have listed those risks below. This procedure is extremely safe but I understand your concern; I’ll be glad to address any uncertainties you have when we meet at your first appointment.”

adverse reactions

InterStim Therapy has risks similar to any surgical procedure, including swelling, bruising, bleeding, and infection. Neurostimulation might cause some of the following side effects:

• Pain at the implant site
• New pain
• Infection
• Lead (thin wire) movement/migration
• Device problems
• Interactions with certain other devices or diagnostic equipment, such as MRI
• Undesirable changes in urinary or bowel function
• Uncomfortable stimulation (sometimes described as a jolting or shocking feeling)

Problems may be resolved with surgery, medical therapy such as drugs, or reprogramming. These events may also resolve over time. There is a possibility that some may remain unresolved. Please consult your doctor for additional information. This therapy is not for everyone. A prescription is required.