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Can I Benefit from InterStim Therapy?

“InterStim technology can significantly improve your quality of life and the ability to participate in normal activities of daily living.”

Dr. Liam Haveran

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Benefits may include:

• Significant (50 percent or greater) reduction in overactive bladder symptoms. Extensive research has confirmed the long-term efficacy of InterStim therapy, and a recent clinical study demonstrated sacral neuromodulation with the InterStim system to be associated with superior efficacy and quality of life versus oral medication alone (in less severe patients than have been studied previously in a clinical trial).

• Total or significantly improved bowel control. Clinical research has shown that sacral nerve stimulation reduces episodes of bowel incontinence in patients with the condition, and that 41 percent of patients were found to achieve complete bowel continence.

• Significantly improved quality of life and ability to participate in normal activities of daily living.

• Unlike other surgical treatment options, physicians and patients can assess the effectiveness of the therapy with an evaluation that enables a patient to experience how the therapy feels and evaluate symptom relief prior to going forward with the procedure.

• People with the InterStim system may be able to have an MRI head scan under specific conditions, which can be determined through discussion with your doctor.

• Even after implantation, the treatment is reversible and can be discontinued at any time by turning off or surgically removing the device.

• Most private insurance companies and Medicare cover the InterStim system.

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