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Medications and How They Work

“You can’t take a pill and cure fecal incontinence. It just doesn’t work like that. But there are some over-the-counter and prescription medications that help to change the consistency of your feces, and that could make a difference in your F.I. Let’s talk about these options and what they do.

Dr. Liam Haveran

If you and your doctor determine that your fecal incontinence is primarily a result of diarrhea or constipation, there are several drug options we may deem appropriate.

If constipation is the culprit, laxatives may be considered.

If diarrhea is to blame, there are medications which decrease the spontaneous motion of your bowel, reduce intestinal secretions, reduce water content in the stools or absorb fluid and add bulk to the stools.

You will certainly want to consult with your health care provider, reviewing all the medications you take.  Do not try to medicate yourself.  Certain medications can cause or increase fecal incontinence, especially in older people.


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