Neurosurgical Treatments & Technology

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When you need brain or spine surgery, you want the confidence of knowing you’re in the best hands. At Cape Cod Healthcare, our surgeons are all board certified, with training at top medical schools. And because they’ve performed countless complex surgeries, they’ve developed the deep expertise and experience that lead to positive outcomes.

Brain & Spine Surgery

Our experts perform a wide range of brain, spine and peripheral nerve procedures, including:

Specific procedures include cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower spine):

Advanced Technology

We invest in the latest technology to help us safely perform minimally invasive procedures and complex microscopic surgery. This technology includes computer-assisted image guidance systems to help navigate the delicate structures of the brain and spine, pinpoint the surgical target and protect nearby tissue and nerves.

We perform more minimally invasive spine surgeries than many Boston hospitals, including balloon kyphoplasty, a technique to treat fractured vertebrae that brings immediate pain relief. 

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