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About Our Neurosurgeons

The Highest Level of Expertise and Training

neurosurgeons of Cape Cod

Neurosurgery Team

Given that neurosurgery requires delving into the brain and the spine to treat aneurysms, cerebrovascular disorders, tumors and spinal nerves, patients want the most expert surgical care possible. That’s why many people from Cape Cod and beyond are traveling to Cape Cod Hospital for technologically advanced approaches from highly-trained surgeons in a high quality facility.

Cape Cod Healthcare neurosurgeons trained at the best university centers and are all board certified in their specialty. The personnel, techniques and technology that we have here at Cape Cod Hospital are second to none.

Cape Cod Hospital is one of just three in the state that has the O-Arm®, an interoperative CT scan that allows the neurosurgeon to transfer detailed images to a surgical navigation system. This gives the neurosurgeon greater clarity and allows greater precision during surgery.

The Cape's neurosurgeons perform discectomies and spinal fusions and repair spine fractures from trauma or osteoporosis. Our neurosurgeons perform more minimally invasive spine surgeries, including kyphoplasty, a technique to treat fractured vertebrae that brings patients immediate pain relief, than all the centers in Boston.

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