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Our donors share their stories about giving blood to Cape Cod Healthcare.

Pam McGuire, Dennis

“It’s simple. It’s a good thing to do. My blood is O positive, which is the most popular blood. It benefits everybody, so it makes it an even bigger responsibility to donate. It really makes me feel very satisfied, and it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Mark Monahan, South Yarmouth

“I tell my friends that giving blood is painless and not time consuming. I don’t get a chance to do too much volunteering because of my work. Frankly, giving blood is not something that a lot of people think about. It’s not on their radar. But, once it is, it’s very easy to build it into your busy life.”

Paul McNulty, Orleans

“I’ve donated blood since I was in the Air Force. When I worked on Wall Street, many of us gave every four months at the office. One time, I gave blood directly to a colleague who was being treated for cancer.

When I moved to the Cape, I initially went to local churches that were hosting blood drives, especially at Christmas time. Then, a year ago, I went to the Cape Cod Healthcare website to learn where I could donate. I am very motivated by knowing that all the blood it collects stays right here on Cape Cod where I live and am involved in the community.”

Rita Shields, Chatham

“I started giving blood when my father underwent open heart surgery. That was 25 years ago, and I have been donating ever since, three or four times a year. It’s giving a little of yourself, literally. It makes you feel good helping someone else. It’s very easy and comfortable, and only takes about an hour. It’s also a way to get a good, little check-up such as your blood pressure.”

James Meyer, Chatham

“I have been giving blood since I was in high school. My sister had surgery and was so grateful someone donated blood to help her. That had a huge impact on me. Now, I am a local innkeeper, and I try to always support fellow businesses and the local community. That same commitment applies to blood donation. It gives me a sense of healing. It takes only an hour of my time to possibly save a neighbor’s life.”

Janet Kelly, Orleans

“I began donating blood at Cape Tech. A bunch of my friends and I did it together. We really felt bonded. I continued donating ever since. I don’t have time to volunteer for anything else right now, so this is my volunteer effort. Not everyone can give blood. So, I feel very fortunate to qualify. Because I can, I do.”

Caitlin Regan, Yarmouth

“I have two children. If something happened to them, I hope that others would have given blood to help them. As a mother, I think about that every time I donate. I also like the fact that every pint I give to the Cape Cod Healthcare Blood Center stays right here and helps my community. I also own a business here, the Dairy Queen in Harwich Port. Donating blood is a great way to give back.”

D.J. Sullivan, Yarmouth

“I have probably donated about 100 pints of blood. I do it every eight weeks. It never hurts and it is very easy. Fortunately, my family has never needed blood, but I have colleagues whose children have needed transfusions to help treat cancer. That really makes giving blood very personal. I wish more people knew not only to give, but how comfortable Cape Cod Blood Center makes the process. You never have to wait long, and you get to see the same staff, which makes it very secure.”