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Help for Mental Health Disorders

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For mental health information, call our Psychiatric Assessment Team at 800-513-4728.

An estimated one in five adults has a diagnosable mental disorder—your grandmother with dementia, your neighbor’s son with ADHD, a sister with bipolar disorder. At Cape Cod Healthcare's Centers for Behavioral Health, we treat thousands of patients every year with a wide range of mental illnesses.

Don’t live with an untreated mental illness.

It all starts with an evaluation. We'll take the time to review your medical records, interview you and discuss treatment options. We offer inpatient, partial hospital and outpatient treatment options. We have therapists and medical professionals on staff.

Call us to set up an appointment and start the process today.

Our goal is simple: help you find the treatment and support you in getting back to your life.

Treatments have changed. Medications have revolutionized mental healthcare. Make the call and ask for help. 

Isn’t it time you talked to someone?

Talk to your primary care physician about your concerns. If you are experiencing a psychiatric crisis, go to your nearest emergency room or call our Psychiatric Assessment Team at 800-513-4728 and speak with one of our trained professionals. 

The first step is up to you.

We are here for you, 24 hours a day. Pick up the phone. Make a difference for yourself and your family.

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