Breast Care

Brand New Facilities

Cape Cod Healthcare has developed an exceptional program for diagnosing and treating breast cancer, particularly with the addition of radiation oncology at the new Clark Cancer Center at Falmouth Hospital and two state-of-the-art new women’s health and imaging facilities.
Cape Cod Hospital’s new Cuda Women’s Health Center at the Wilkens Outpatient Medical Complex in Hyannis, and the Seifer Women’s Health and Imaging Center at Falmouth Hospital both offer digital mammography for screening and diagnostic mammograms. The oncology services programs at each hospital have been honored with numerous awards and certifications in recent years.

Digital mammography replaces X-ray film with solid-state detectors that convert X-rays into electronic signals. This allows electronic storage and transmission of images. Digital mammography allows radiologists to enhance the view to get the best possible image.

A multi-disciplinary approach

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths. The risk of developing the disease increases with age, for an overall lifetime risk of 1 in 8 women. Several hundred breast cancers are diagnosed and treated each year at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital.

Regular screening mammography aids in the earliest detection of the disease, and thereby improves overall survival. Over two-thirds of breast cancers diagnosed at the hospital are early breast cancers, either Stage 0 or Stage 1.

Cape Cod Healthcare’s two hospitals use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat breast cancer. All newly diagnosed patients are presented at a weekly conference of experts. This multi-disciplinary board can help facilitate any additional imaging studies, as well as referrals to surgeons and oncologists.

Surgical Expertise

The surgeons affiliated with Cape Cod Healthcare will readily see patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as women who need a surgical biopsy or need evaluation of a lump or other breast complaint.
The hospitals’ plastic surgeons offer breast reconstruction when appropriate. Post-operatively, the surgeons and radiation oncologists work together to offer both Whole Breast Radiotherapy and Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation. Medical oncologists are readily available for consultation.

To schedule an appointment, please call:
1-877-224-2009, Seifer Women’s Health and Imaging Center
1-508-957-1700, Cuda Women’s Health Center