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Published on August 30, 2012

New Blood Donor Center Open at CCH

Cape Cod Hospital Debuts New Blood Donor Center

August 2012

Cape Cod Hospital recently unveiled a new blood donor center for the convenience and comfort of blood donors. The state-of-the-art donor center features a reception area, private screening rooms, three donor chairs, offices and new blood processing areas as part of the overall renovation of the blood bank and laboratory facilities.

Cape Cod Healthcare uses over 10,000 units of blood each year, between Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital. Currently, about 40 percent of the blood needed for the two hospitals is donated, either in the Blood Donor Center at Cape Cod Hospital or through blood drives in the community. The blood that is not donated must be obtained from an outside vendor, either the Red Cross or the Rhode Island Blood Bank, at an annual cost for processing fees of approximately $2 million dollars.

Blood is needed each and every day to save lives in our community. Blood cannot be synthetically made or manufactured; it must come from donors. Not everyone can give blood, which makes it all the more important for those who can. The most common blood type of Americans is O positive blood, followed by A positive, B positive, O negative, A Negative, AB Positive, B Negative, and AB Negative. O Negative blood is compatible with any blood type, making those who have the O negative type universal donors.

The blood collected in the new Blood Donor Center and during blood drives stays on Cape Cod and is used to treat people at our two hospitals. One pint of blood can be used to help treat as many as three people. To make an appointment in the new Blood Donor Center, or to find out when the next community blood drive nearest you will be held, or to inquire about sponsoring a blood drive, please call 1-508-86BLOOD (508-862-5663), or see Cape Cod Healthcare Blood Donor Services.

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