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ER Wait Times

When is CCHC Urgent Care busiest? Based on 6 months average of patients treated.

Urgent Care Wait Times

Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
Least busy at 8 am. Most busy at 9am and gradually less busy throughout the day until 7pm.
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The We are OneCape Philosophy

OneCape is our philosophy, creating a system-wide culture that fosters growth, development and life-long learning throughout our community.

OneCape CardOur OneCape healthcare services model is focused on building a foundation for value-based care, delivery and payment models for Cape Cod residents and visitors. It provides access to essential healthcare services for all and will help achieve excellence in clinical quality, as well as operational and fiscal excellence.

In our community, the fulfillment of the OneCape plan means that from hospital administration to medical practice management – from finding a physician online to the creation of secure online patient portals to track care and billing – Cape Cod Healthcare and local partners will operate in concert to serve the healthcare needs of the citizens of Cape Cod.

This high standard offers more than just medical treatment. Our OneCape mission is also instrumental in offering education to both the public, through physician seminars, lectures and an online library – and to clinicians, providing classroom and clinical instruction in medicine and healthcare, including a pharmacy residency program.

Our commitment to this approach means that medical research happens here, that patients can research health information and seamlessly contact their healthcare providers online here, that online access to their medical information is open to them, securely and comprehensively.

It means providing assisted living facilities in our community, offering both access and assistance to seniors who are seeking appropriate daily care, including long-term care, adult day health services and respite care for the benefit of caregivers across Cape Cod. The OneCape commitment to comprehensive care includes non-medical assisted living services like scheduling appointments, answering phones, checking messages, mail handling and clerical services.

The scope of our plan includes everything from medical services in the field of surgery, oncology and neuroscience to pain management, cardiovascular care and orthopedics. It includes medical radiology, medical imaging services and care in the field of cancer, as well as in-patient and out-patient medical testing for diagnosis and treatment of medical issues.

In our facilities and out in the community, our OneCape service includes medical laboratory testing services for diagnostic and treatment, outpatient and infectious disease consulting services.

This broad-based approach to care extends to rehabilitation, hospice and palliative care as well as preventive medicine. As part of our OneCape approach, we offer health and wellness evaluative and disease prevention services throughout our community. Addiction treatment facilities are also an extension of our service.

Our dedication to our OneCape philosophy brings in-home nursing, therapy and assistance services to others, including child day care assistance, nutritional counseling, medication management and a personal health website for communication between patients and healthcare providers. This approach includes the ability for patients to request appointments and referrals online.

We also recognize the critical role of our place in the community and act as a fundraiser for and provider of community services that benefit us all in our community. With comprehensive, community-focused care, expert staff, high-quality service and community partners, we are OneCape.