Community Benefits

We are committed to enhancing the quality of and access to a comprehensive continuum of healthcare services for all the people of Cape Cod.

What is the Community Benefits Program?

As a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, Cape Cod Healthcare has an important fiduciary obligation to provide benefits to the community commensurate with our tax exempt status. The provision of Community Benefits is an important component of Cape Cod Healthcare’s charitable activity to ensure Cape Cod Healthcare remains steadfast to the mission and remains a steward of the valuable community assets that keep Cape Cod’s communities healthy. Cape Cod Healthcare Community Benefits is a division of the Office of Strategy and Governmental Affairs and, through its Community Health Committee, reports to the Board of Trustees.  The Community Health Committee is comprised of members who work in healthcare services on Cape Cod, community-based organizations, community advocacy groups and county government, as well as two members of the Board of Trustees.

Community Benefits Mission

Cape Cod Healthcare, Inc., through its Community Benefits initiative, is committed to enhancing the quality of and access to comprehensive healthcare services for all Cape Cod residents. Through continuous assessment of community needs, coordinated planning and the allocation of resources, this commitment includes a special focus on the unmet needs of the financially disadvantaged and underserved populations. We will assume a leadership role in collaborative efforts joining our resources, talent, and commitment with that of other providers, organizations and community members.

The Community Benefits Mission Statement was affirmed by the CCHC Community Health Committee and the Board of Trustees in 2000 and remains in effect.

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Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital Community Benefits FY 2013

Total Expenditures for FY2013

Direct Expenses


Associated Expenses


Determination of Need Expenditures


Employee Volunteerism


Other Leveraged Resources


Total Net Charity Care


Corporate Sponsorships


Total FY13 Community Benefit Expenditures


Expenses above are reported based on the Attorney General Guidelines and definitions for each expense group.

For detail on the community benefit expenses above as well as community service programs and other community related expenses, please refer to the website of the Attorney General of Massachusetts to see the full annual Community Benefits reports for Cape Cod and Falmouth Hospitals.